Wandertage (Signed)

Chiara Dazi,Wandertage (Signed)

Chiara Dazi
Wandertage (Signed)

Photographs: Chiara Dazi

Publisher: Self published

64 pages

Pictures: 36

Year: 2011

Price: 45

Comments: Hardcover, 120 mm × 160 mm. Edition of 150

The Wanderschaft is a surviving medieval tradition in today's Germany. 

After finishing their apprenticeship, young craftsmen and craftswomen leave home, 

family, friends and all their belongings in order to travel and make working 

experiences in their crafts. 

In a world of mobility, where following the best job opportunities means often even 

being ready to cross the country's border for good, Wanderschaft is an old custom 

becoming modern again. 

Dressed always with the traditional corduroy suit and a black hat, also carrying 

a weird stick and just a tiny luggage, journeying carpenters, stonemasons and smiths 

choose to be free and homeless for, so the rule, at least three years and one day. 

Only allowed walking or hitchhiking, journeying craftsmen (the Wandergesellen) 

constantly get in contact with unknown people and places, looking for a master where 

to work and learn, or a place where to sleep. 

A choice of low profile lifestyle for rediscovering simple pleasures, learning what is 

valuable in life and what is taken for granted. Wanderschaft is a unique way of 

traveling where Wandergesellen are getting help from people for a breeze of venture 

and hope in exchange. 

Subject to many handed down secret rituals and strict rules, they are not 

allowed to get closer to their birthplace or carry a mobile phone. Nowadays many 

female tailors, upholsters and bakers are also on the road, accepted as part of the 

group by some of the recently founded guilds. 

Belonging to a guild is for life and emphasizes solidarity and camaraderie to the group. 

The Walz (so the traditional trip), though, is also a very individualistic search for 

adventures: a modern romantic journey, quest for knowledge and the self. 

Chiara Dazi

Chiara Dazi,Wandertage (Signed)

Chiara Dazi,Wandertage (Signed)

Chiara Dazi,Wandertage (Signed)

Chiara Dazi,Wandertage (Signed)

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Chiara Dazi,Wandertage (Signed)